Important traffic law regulations in Poland

In Poland right-hand traffic is obligatory

Driving licence

While driving a vehicle on the territory of Poland, the driver is obliged to have a valid driving licence with him. National driving licence or an international driving licence (the US citizens) is valid for six months after crossing the Polish border. After this time drivers have to pass the Polish national exam.

Speed limits

Speed limits in Poland are as follows:
- 50 kph in built-up areas
- 90 kph outside built-up areas
- 110 kph on expressways
- 130 kph on motorways

Seat belts

According to Polish law the use of seat belts is compulsory for front and back-seat passengers.


Drivers have to use their dipped headlights also during the day.

Safety seat for a child

According to Polish Law, children (0-12 years old) while travelling by car must be in a safety seat, for infants (9-12 months) or for toddlers (1-4 years). Booster seats are for children aged 4-12.

Some other important information
  • The accepted limit of alcohol in the blood is 0.2 permilles
  • In Poland, using a mobile phone while driving is banned, though a loud-speaking phone system is allowed

Have a nice and safe journey !!!